Saturday, September 25, 2010

Finished Biggie

As i said before, I still feel really rusty lately, but i am trying my best to weather that storm. the quick sketch i posted earlier wasnt good enough for me so i decided to take the Biggie piece to a more finished state. i think im happy with how its turned out, i took some good advice from the great Jason Seiler and tried to keep things a bit looser than i normally do. I think it worked out pretty well. Any way i just felt like sharing the finish, hopefully i will be able to post some more stuff sooner than later. Also i need to shout out a local artist in my city Bill Scoular, and his Skooladesign. this guy is married to a co worker of mine and is seriously ill. He did a wood cut of Biggie that was a huge inspiration for me to paint this . be sure to check him out.

Friday, September 10, 2010

back with biggie and barker

i feel like its been forever since ive posted anything on this blog. Over the past month or so ive been really busy with jobs that i unfortunately cant share. Between that work and my regular 9 to 5, i have had basically no time to draw anything for myself. things are finally starting to slow down and ive been able to get back to the caricatures though i feel a bit "rusty". anyway i decided to post a couple of the sketches i was able to get to a decent stopping point this week. First up is legendary MC Notorious BIG followed by kick ass drummer Travis Barker. hope you all enjoy. also im gonna try and paint at least one of these, hopefully it wont be such a huge gap in finished work like its been lately. anyway gotta paint, ONE