Sunday, May 30, 2010

T.I. Sketch

I've found myself listening to a lot of T.I. lately so i decided to do a quick sketch of him this after noon. this was probably about an hour or so drawing

Thursday, May 27, 2010

1,2, Freddy's Coming for You.....

I decided to do a painting of my personal favorite, and quite possibly the greatest horror movie icon ever created, Freddy Kruger.I admit its a bit ironic for me to be painting this guy, mostly because he scared the absolute piss out of me as a kid. I have very vivid memories of running from my grandmothers living room with my eyes shut because the commercial for "the dream master" just clicked on in the middle of me watching nick at nite. i also remember avoiding my living room for the entire time my dad had "Freddy's Dead" checked out from the video store. I couldn't even look at the box without getting genuinely scared. Long story short, as i got older i got over my fear of Mr. Kruger and now i cant get enough of the guy. I recently went to see the remake of the original with Jackie Earl Haley taking on the iconic role; and though he can never touch Robert Englund, he did a good job. More importantly it inspired me to do this painting paying homage to the original Springwood terror. hope you dig it

Friday, May 7, 2010

Mike Tyson

Whats up everybody, posting the finished version of the Mike Tyson sketch i started a few days back. after much thought i decided to keep it as i had it in the sketch; with the black and white finish and a splash of color in the gloves. special shout out to Mike Eppe and Scott for your input. A few people have mentioned wanting to see some of my process so i decided to include some photos of this piece as it progressed from start to finish. hope everyone enjoys. back 2 work.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Tyson Sketch

Ive always been a fan of Mike Tyson. In fact i was one of those people where the crazier he would seem to act in the media, the more i liked him. even after the ear biting and the insane post fight interviews, i was a fan. The other day a friend sent me a video of something i thought that i would never see. Mike Tyson at a tea party. Thats right, iron mike, the baddest man on the planet sitting down to tea. it was just bizarre. The entire time i thought Mike was gonna snap and literally fold his interviewer in half, especially when he offered Mike cannoli (apparently he loathes them). Anyway after watching that video i got this urge to draw Mike, so today i did this sketch of him in his glory days.
You can check out the video of Mike's tea party here