Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Rock

As ive said before the freelance stuff thankfully has kept me pretty busy lately, but it leaves me with little time to paint stuff for myself. I had not really planned on doing this painting, but when saw The Rock was the subject for the monthly caricature contest on, i had to try and make some time for it. I with no question love Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. I started watching professional wrestling right before the big boom in the late 90's and The Rock is the main reason i tuned in every week. Everything from the "roody poo candy ass" stuff to "layin the smackdown" to "know your role" all the way to the covering Elvis with "the smackdown hotel", i ate up all of it. To me the Rock is one of the greatest shit talkers of all time, and to this day, some 10 years after he left WWE, no one even comes close to him on the mic. Anyway with me being such a huge fan i of course had a great time painting this one. Though he's probably more well known for his acting roles these days, i wanted to focus on what first drew me to his character. The shades, the gold, the brahma bull tattoo and of course the "peoples eyebrow", are the essence of what the rock was back in those days and i had a blast painting every bit of it. Anyway its late and I'm turning in for some much needed rest. hope you all enjoy and i will be posting more stuff soon.

Friday, November 5, 2010


Another long gap in posting on here, unbelievable how fast a month can go by. Ive been pretty busy as of late with the 9 to 5 and a few projects that hopefully i will be able to talk about when the time is right. With so much going on at once ive had almost zero time to do any personal work, but i have found time to work on this piece off and on over the past few weeks and i finally have it to a point where i dont feel ashamed to share it. For those who dont know this is my take on the poster for the movie Goodfellas, which is seriously one the best films ever made and one of my favorites of all time. Its one of those flicks that i can go back and watch over and over again, which would explain why ive seen it at least 50 times. i remember a time when i was in college where i came home and watched Goodfellas start to finish every day for 8 days straight.If you happen to have never had the privilege of seeing this film, stop reading right now and go watch it. Anyway , i hope you enjoy the post and hopefully i will be able to post some more sketches and finished stuff sooner than later