Saturday, May 17, 2014

1,2 Freddy's Comin' for You

Anybody that knows me knows that i am a pretty big horror movie fan, and that my favorite movie monster of all time is Freddy Krueger. Not sure what it is i like about the guy, but i am definitely a fan. about four years ago i did a caricature of Freddy and as sort of a test to see if my skills have improved i decided to paint him again. I'm happy with the progress ive made and i'll be sure to post a copy of the painting from 2010 so you can see the improvements for yourself. I'll have more work to share soon

(2014)                                                (2010)

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Action Bronson

"you know the outcome, you aint about none, smoke til my mouth numb, hold the chopsticks at the top you know im upper class, grab the sizzled beef, with my teeth, hop in the vehicle, lit the keef, back on the streets.... its me"

Friday, May 2, 2014

All 6's and 7's

This is a portrait of one of my favorite rappers who also comes from my home state, Tech N9ne. i wanted to explore tech's duality and decided to go with something that touched on his view of people being made up of all 6's and 7's with the 6 being the number in the mark of the beast and standing for evil and the 7 being a godly number and standing for good. i also tried to experiment with the the painting techniques i use and tried a few new things which in the long run i think turned out well. i recorded the the process from sketch to finished painting for anyone who is interested. i'll definitely have more work to share soon.