Thursday, August 22, 2013


Anybody who knows me knows i listen to a TON of hip hop, with that said, i heard the infamous Kendrick Lamar verse on Big Sean's "Control" last week and got inspired to paint this. Kendrick was one of my favorites since section 80, but after this verse i have a whole new respect for the guy. A lot of people took him listing the names of his peers in song as disrespectful, but it was anything but that. He simply said he's trying to be the best, and regardless of how i feel about you,i'll run over you if i have to in order to wear the crown. its like hip hop game of thrones, and if you cant respect that then i dont know what you can respect. Anyway, had a blast painting this one. did the entire thing in Photoshop and even decided to create a second version of the final. also, for those who still feel like im not painting these by hand from scratch, ive attached a GIF of my process. prints available soon.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wu Tang Clan aint nutin to #*$@ wit

sorry for the lack of posts lately, ive been pretty busy working on a few things i unfortunately cannot share at the moment. anyway, i finally made some time in between projects to finish off this painting of quite possibly the greatest rap group of all time, the Wu Tang Clan. hopefully i will be able to post some of the stuff i have been working on here soon, PEACE.