Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pudding & Sweaters

I was going througn some old files the other day and i came across a caricature sketch i did of Bill Cosby a f ew months ago. For some reason when i found it i got this strange urge to paint it. the further i got into it the more it began to look more like a portrait and less like a caricature, but im still happy with the turnout. I keep getting the feeling like I need to put Jell-0 or Pudding pops in the background, but i can't decide. Anyway here is what i have so far, sans the desserts in the background


Doug said...

Saw your caricature on the schoolism class blog. Great stuff man. Seriously. Awesome.

ramanjit said...

hey friend,
this is awesome love the rendering and this is the best work of yours.
great job!!!!!!!