Thursday, September 10, 2009


i was going though my DVD collection a few days back and came across my copy of Juice. not sure what it was, but something about the cover struck me as cool and i decided to try and caricature it. i didn't push the exaggeration as far as i wanted, but im still happy with how it came out. The movie itself is excellent. I remember seeing it for the the first time when i was about 9 years old and thinking how disturbing Tupac's character Bishop was. at first glance you might think its just a shoot em up movie set in an urban environment. when you really sit down and watch you see its really an example of what power, violence, greed and the need for respect can do to even the closest of friends. the best reason to watch this movie is Pac. even though it was his first film, it may very well be his best. his portrayal of Bishop is something you just gotta see. for those not familiar with the flick, the trailer is below. take some time out and peep it.


Daniel said...

dude this is bananas! how did you get that texture on pac's jacket?

Niall O loughlin said...

Great work man

Lash LeRoux said...

Great work, Torren. I'm a big fan of your art. It's amazing to see how much and how quickly your skills improved -- very inspiring! I'm especially impressed by your DiNero piece. I've added your link to my blog. Keep posting and inspiring us!