Sunday, November 1, 2009

Michael Steele & Slaughterhouse in progress...

well, thanks to some great advice from Jason Seiler and some patience, i think that big slump ive been in lately is officially over. now the only problem im suffering from is working on too much stuff at once. i much prefer this problem by the way. with that said im just throwing up some of the stuff ive been working on as of late. nothing special, just some quick maybe 30-45 min sketches ive done for some stuff i plan on finishing in the near future. so here goes the new head of the RNC michael steele and 50% of the rap supergroup slaugterhouse. hope you enjoy, more stuff coming soon


Jenea said...

Hi Thomas!!! Very good work! I like it!!!
If you can make for me one caricatures I will be very glad!
My face for you will be one little "Pentagon"!!! Beforthanks!!:)
Write me please reply on my blog please!

Lash LeRoux said...

Great Michael Steele piece -- Love it! Have you sent any promo pieces to the "Weekly Standard"? Gotta think they'd love your stuff.