Friday, April 8, 2011

Progress with Blade

At least once a year i go back and look at some of my earlier work and i re-do the piece just as a way to see what ive learned and how far ive come. this is about the 4th time ive done this and its something im gonna try and keep going. the first piece here is one i did about 3 years ago now. In fact this was actually the first caricature i ever painted. the latter is my take on the same image 3 years later plus 3 years of experience and knowledge. neither are perfect, but i can definitely see a lot of improvement and progression when i compare the two. hopefully i can continue to grow and learn as an artist and these paintings will get better and better. hopefully i will post some more stuff soon, peace.


Adrian Lubbers said...

I've often considered that too, but then I look at my old stuff and HATE IT!!!LOL

Very Cool T.

Paul Moyse said...

Great job!

suzanneberry said...

amazing work! if you've improved, i'm frightened!

Attractive Art Community (Big Sam) said...

Good God Man! Its like night and day! Good stuff sir!

ARI said...

Good lights and shadows and textures, love it

Hobo Divine said...

These is absolutely amazing!
(you do know that right?)

Thanks for posting.