Friday, March 7, 2014

The Blind Pigs

 i have to say that this is probably my most unique job to date. i was approached to do two paintings that were going to hang in a brand new restaurant out in las vegas called the blind pig. the whole thing is 1920's prohibition themed and the illustrations needed to fit that vibe. the pigs in the illustration were supposed to be bootlegging alcohol and having a blast doing it while also making a mess of things due to them being blind and all. you may be wondering what about this is so unique and its not so much the subject as the fact that both paintings needed to be HUGE with one over 14 feet in length. needless to say that provided a challenge. after many conversations with fellow artists, brainstorming with some awesome people over at 1027 design media and about 12 days drawing and painting, here is the final result. if you ever find yourself out in vegas be sure to drop in and check it out

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